WAGTOPIA Reservations and FAQs

Please know that our services are on a first come first serve basis. Remember to book your request as soon as possible.

Wagtopia is currently servicing these cities in California (Please wait for expansion): San Jose, Saratoga. Campbell, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Los Gatos

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First time with Wagtopia? Here is what to expect:

If this is your first time with Wagtopia, you are going to have to register as a new user and follow a few simple steps to create your Wagtopia profile. We require all users, as well as their pets, to have a profile to ensure your convenience for future service requests as well as a way to send updates to you while you are away from your loved ones. After creating your Wagtopia profile, you are going to need to view our Service Agreement and Veterinary Release Form. These forms are accessible by clicking the “Sign Our Service Agreement” button shown above and require your online signature. Both the Wagtopia Registration and Online Signing are only required during our one time registration process. While logged onto your profile, you are able to edit your personal information, make service request for specific dates and times, view your schedule while on your phone, share notes and pictures with your Care Provider, and even pay your invoices.

In order to help you decide if Wagtopia is the best option for you and your pets, our first “Meet and Greet” visit is always complementary. You are able to schedule your “Meet and Greet” visit while logged into your Wagtopia account.

In order to help you decide if Wagtopia is the best option for you and your pets, our first "Meet and Greet" visit is always complementary. You are able to schedule your “Meet and Greet” visit while logged into your Wagtopia account.

How to request a specific Care Provider

We understand that pets can be picky. If you have a preference for your Care Provider, or would like to request one in particular for your next services, you may do so by writing who you would like to care for your pets in the “Note” section when making a request. You are also able to add further instructions regarding the service by writing in this section. If you wish to set a Care Provider as your "Primary Care Provider," you may do so by filling in the appropriate box under "My Profile" in your Wagtopia account.

How to stay updated

Our Care Providers will keep you updated every step of the way. You will receive online report cards that will summarize their time together and even photos to help you from being homesick. These report cards will be viewable while logged into your Wagtopia account.

If you would like to share something with your pet’s Care Provider and the issue is not urgent, you may write what you wish in the “Note” section when viewing your request. In case of an emergency, or a reason arises and you wish to speak to your Care Provider, you are able to view their contact number through your account once your Care Provider accepts your request.

What to do with the house key

We require that both the pet owner and Care Provider be present during any and all key exchanges. Every time a key exchange is made, one of our “Key Release Forms” must be signed. This form, which will be presented during your scheduled “Meet and Greet” visit, is designed to ensure we received a working key and will drop it back of to you, in person, following the completion of our services. This form is required every time you leave town, unless you’re part of Wagtopia’s Safe Key Program.

Wagtopia’s Safe Key Program allows us to keep a set of you keys on file. Participating in this program enables us to be fully ready to provide you with immediate service when you need us without having to plan a meeting to pick up your key(s). This program also makes it easy for us to provide you with immediate coverage should you ever have an emergency or any other short notice situation. All keys are labeled with an untraceable code and secured in a lock box.

How to pay

Once your Care Provider accepts your request, you will be sent an invoice for the total sum of your request. This amount must be paid in full by the first day of service. All payments must be paid online by clicking the “Pay Now” button on your invoice. This invoice will be sent to your registered email address and will be viewable in your Wagtopia account’s “Billing” section.

What if there is an emergency

All of the Care Providers at Wagtopia are highly educated in disaster protocols. We are all pet first aid and CPR trained and equipped with a pet first aid kit at all times. We are current on evacuation procedures and have first hand knowledge of the closet animal hospitals. All of our Care Providers are fully bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, and take pride in the effort they put in to ensure that you feel safe with them. If any issue were to arise regarding your home or your pet, you would be contacted immediately.

What if your pet must seek medical care while you are gone

Our Care Providers will act in accordance to the pet owner’s signed “Veterinary Release Form.” This form is sent, along with the “Service Agreement,” in the confirmation email following your registration with Wagtopia. These forms must be signed prior to the start of any services

Since we provide care for both healthy and sick or recovering animals, there is always that possibility that your pet may have to seek medical care while you are away. Whether it be from older age, a terminally ill condition, or the unpredictable, it is best to be prepared. If your Care Provider believes the issue is life threatening, your Care Provider will contact you to ensure the okay to take them to seek medical attention. If you cannot be contacted within a “safe” amount of time, the pet will be taken to the closest animal hospital to seek attention. If the situation does not appear to be life threatening, your Care Provider will contact you and discuss options. If you cannot be reached and the situation worsens, your pet will be taken to seek medical attention. Your Care Provider will use your selected veterinary clinic as their primary choice however in times of emergency, may have to act in the best interest of the pet.

What are the requirements for my pets?

Here at Wagtopia, we accept a wide range of pets with a broad assortment of temperaments. In order for us to care for your pets, the only requirement is that they are current on their Rabies Vaccination.